ARinterni offers digital & AR visualization services and interior design for variety of clients and diverse typology of projects. We offer home staging and interior design solution at a considerably reduced time and cost. ARinterni is using Bimmetry BIM objects library to create amazing 3D interiors that you can experience by augmented reality walk-through.
Commercial and Business Properties
Residential Properties
Entertainment or Temporary Properties
Interior Design
  • Interior Design BIM models
  • Interior Plans and Specifications
  • Bills of Materials
  • Virtual Reality walk-through
  • Augmented Reality review of your design
  • 3D renders and visualizations
  • 3D animations
3D/ AR Property Staging
  • Real Estate Interior Design Staging to accelerate property sale/ rental and increase property value
  • Property Staging with AR for design study - find the best design option for you
  • Commercial - Office and Retail Property AR interior design staging for developers
  • Restaurants, Cafes, Bars Augmented Reality Interior Design Staging
  • AR Staging for temporary events, concerts, exhibitions and others
Software Development
Use our AR tool to stage your interior, architectural or services BIM models. We implement and develop AR/VR software solutions. You can use our solution in your home staging service, facility management or other AEC consultancy. We can facilitate your shift to AR and VR technologies by the use of our own tools or advise on the best out-of-the-box software packages on the market.

ARinterni Solution

1. Get the best value

1. Get the best value

Property staging undeniably could improve the value of any built asset. Physical home staging though has limitations that need to be considered such as time/ cost/ effort. Our digital tool and service - ARinterni streamlines the process and can save you considerable amount of resources by Augmented Reality staging of your property. Show your potential clients what is possible with your property and get the best value for your asset! People often say - I need to see it to believe it. ARinterni will help you see it!

2. Design Options

Technology has allowed us to visualize design as never before. Seeing various design options in Augmented reality allows us to pick the best. We can take bigger design risks while we are certain in the final result. ARinterni is useful not only to improve the value of your property, but also to play various design scenarios. For commercial and retail properties this could mean to make a whole business successful. In hospitality projects home staging is unthinkable when it comes to the cost/ size/ associated risks of moving and installing equipment. ARinterni allows owners, developers, designer, real estate and home staging agencies to stage any property in Augmented Reality.
2. Design Options
3. Save time

3. Save time

ARinterni saves you time on many fronts. We offer packaged solution that allows you to forget all the hassle with finding interior designer, home staging agency, organizing the loading/unloading of the furniture and the rest of it.  If you want to increase the value of your office/ home/ restaurant/ bar/ cafe/ hotel/ amenity by home staging - our designers are here to help. We will prepare for you the design and take care of all the technical aspects involved with the virtual staging including AR hardware/ software/ support during inspections of the property. In case you already have designs of your property that are up to the level of Augmented Reality Interior staging we will take care of the rest.

4. Save resources

Physical property staging takes considerable amount of time and money to be organized. It involves transportation and risk of damaging the property. AR property staging on the other hand is quick, cheap, easy and sustainable. We can fit out in Augmented Reality great diversity of real estates - from a medical room to exhibition hall, bar, restaurant, home etc. Experience the dream interior of your house or business before spending considerable resources. Increase the value of your property and choose the best design.
4. Save resources
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